My favorite birthday gift!

vintage Paul de Longpre tulips and roses

Tulips and roses are my favorite flowers, and years ago my husband found this beautiful framed tulip print in an antique store and knew I’d love it.  And he was right!

It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and it sparked an interest in Paul de Longpre, the artist who created the wonderful illustration.  At the time I wasn’t familiar with him but the more I learned about his career as an artist, the more I grew to love his beautiful paintings.

Paul de Longpre was born in France in 1855 and later moved to the United States.  He was a self-taught artist who worked mainly in watercolor and is known for painting perfect specimens of flowers.  Paul passed away in 1911 and his vintage flowers prints have become more popular and collectible over the years.  What a wonderful legacy that his art lives on and is still appreciated over a hundred years later.

And with that thought I’m sharing free printables of his beautiful flowers from the vintage chromolithograph prints I’ve collected.  I scanned a portion of my tulip yard long print and I’m sharing several printable versions of the tulips in the Flower Art free images. This Art in Bloom tulip festival design printable is a reminder that Spring will be here soon and tulips will be blooming!

The printable fits an 8×10 inch frame.  I used a black frame that I had on hand, but think it would look great in a white or silver frame for a lighter look.  Perfect for a garden room, craft room or any room with shabby chic decor.  This framed print hangs in my studio as creative inspiration!

Also included as a free printable is this design that shows the lovely details and colors of Paul de Longpre’s tulips.  I printed and decoupaged the 3×5 inch design onto a wood box that I use to hold garden tools and seeds.  It would also be pretty on a handmade note card!

You can’t have tulips without sun so I added sunshine to this printable, also available in the Flower Art freebies.  There is nothing more amazing than seeing masses of vibrant color on display at tulip festivals.  If you can attend one this Spring make sure you take lots of photos for inspiration next winter!

My winter garden has me dreaming of tulips and roses that will be blooming soon.  I love to photograph roses and use the images as resources for painting or digital designs. So I was amazed to read that Paul de Longpre found creative inspiration in the 4000 rose bushes he planted on his Hollywood estate!  His dedication to depicting realistic details shows in his wonderful rose paintings.

I found this beautiful pink rose illustration on a vintage postcard and I’m sharing it in the Flower Art freebies.  It would be lovely framed or use it to make a note card.

This rose design was also on an antique postcard.  The blush, yellow and pink colors are beautiful!  It’s also available for download in the Flower Art freebies.

This is one of my favorite Paul de Longpre rose prints.  The illustration was from an 1898 calendar and the lovely colors haven’t faded over 120 years.  I’ve also shared this printable in Flower Art.

Paul de Longpre’s rose gardens and California home were demolished in 1927, but hopefully his beautiful illustrations will be enjoyed and appreciated for another 100 years as art forever in bloom!




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    1. Hi Patricia. That’s a good question as there are a lot of reproductions of his beautiful flowers. I’d suggest asking someone in a local antique shop if they could direct you to someone knowledgeable, as many dealers specialize in vintage and antique prints. If you’re lucky to have an original or one of his chromolithographs from the early 1900s, they’re very valuable!

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