I love the look of vintage, timeworn roses and paper flowers.

My wedding bouquet was comprised of ivory paper rosebuds and they are still beautiful today.  My wedding was years ago so I guess I can call the roses vintage now!  And they were the inspiration for this vintage roses DIY flower pot filled with paper roses.

This project is reminiscent of my bouquet.  It is very simple to make and doesn’t take a lot of time or expensive materials.  The coffee filter flowers can be made to use in any similar size container, or you can download the vintage rose flower pot print at the end of this post to make the pot as shown here.





Flowers finished?  You’re ready to assemble your bouquet!


Place a 4″ styrofoam ball in the flower pot to use as a form for your bouquet.  I cut the ball in half so I could make 2 flower pots, but it works fine to pop it into the pot uncut.  If you wish to secure it tightly, a bead of glue can be placed on the inside rim of the flower pot.  Begin assembling the bouquet by sliding dressmaker or corsage pins through the flowers into the ball until it is completely covered.  I found it works best to place the flowers pretty close together for a packed bouquet look and to make sure there is no styrofoam showing.


Enjoy your finished bouquet and make an extra to share as a lovely handmade gift.  The flowers can be easily customized in a color palette of your choice, so the bouquets would be great as table decorations for weddings or other special events!

If you’d like to see additional printables of vintage roses check out the Flower Art category in the freebies section!


The printable is for personal use only.  Print quality will depend on your printer and laser printers will produce the best results in color and detail.  Laser printers are available at FedEx Office centers, and your local copy centers and office supply stores.


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