Vintage art restyled as red, white and new!

Stars and stripes

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!  This star spangled patriotic design was inspired by the American Dreamers fabric pattern that I created, pictured below.  Design trends come and go, but one look that never becomes dated is beautiful vintage postcard art.  The images are timeless and their popularity has grown with an increased appreciation of antiques and vintage finds.

An infusion of old with new brings a sense of history and unique style to our homes and that philosophy is also my favorite way to design-something borrowed and something new!


This star spangled fabric design resulted from a licensing request I received for a vintage patriotic pattern.  I started the project by selecting some of my favorite antique patriotic postcards.  I added new and old typography, Star Spangled Banner music that I found in an antique song book and lots of stars!  I  scanned the America type from a late 1800s newspaper and filled the letters with a watercolor flag image I painted years ago.

Next came a digital mood board sketch to make sure the images all worked together visually.

Design sketchbook

The puzzle solving part of the process is the last step-arranging and rearranging the images in Photoshop until a balanced repeat pattern is achieved.

At that point I sent the finished American Dreamers design to the fabric manufacturer for their approval.  It was then presented to the fabric buyer for review.  And happily, the design was selected by Jo-Anns Fabric and Craft Stores!

Pillow-flag dag pm

It’s always so exciting to see the finished product in the stores!  I used the fabric to make a simple pillow by covering a foam pillow form with the fabric.  Easy to sew!


It’s perfect with some of my favorite vintage finds-a picnic basket and old box I found at an antique store.  The wonderful red metal toy truck is a family heirloom and I love to display it-especially on the 4th of July!

The America print in the photo is included as a download at the end of the post.

To create the design I scanned the beautiful America type I found in a vintage newspaper.  Using Photoshop,  I added stars and stripes to the line art.  I also added an aged background and stars that coordinate with the Star spangled banner print.

I collaged a laser color copy onto wood and sealed it with a coat of Mod Podge.  It could also be used as an iron on transfer for a patriotic t-shirt.  Make sure and reverse the print before you print it for a transfer!


The Star Spangled printable is another example of a design fusion of new and old.  I scanned and removed the background from an antique flag postcard and digitally combined it with the page from the vintage song book.  The addition of the new star spangled border completes the print.

I’ve included the design as a free printable below-just click, save and print!  Three cheers for the red, white and blue!


The printable is for personal use only.  Print quality will depend on your printer and laser printers will produce the best results in color and detail.  Laser printers are available at FedEx Office centers, and your local copy centers and office supply stores.








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    1. Thanks for your inquiry Jessica. The fabric was sold at Joann’s but I’m afraid it’s unavailable now. Wish I could have been of help!

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