St. Patrick's Day t-shirt transfer

St. Patrick’s Day is for celebrating Irish pride and the wearing of the green!  My great-grandfather came to America from Ireland, so it’s a special time to honor our heritage.  But you don’t need Celtic roots to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s a fun time to eat, drink and be merry!

This St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt transfer will help you get your Irish on!  Rex created the Shamrock & Roll design for St. Paddypalooza t-shirts and I’m sharing it with you as a free printable at the end of this post.  Just click, save to your home computer and print on iron-on transfer sheets for ink jet printers.

St. Patrick's day t-shirt transfer

There are different brands of transfer sheets available at craft supply stores or online.  The same suppliers sell inexpensive plain t-shirts as well.  Most transfer instructions say they are best used on cotton and poly/cotton blend fabrics.  And the product I used specified that fabrics shouldn’t be washed prior to applying the transfer.

To make a transfer t-shirt, the design needs to be reversed so it reads correctly after transferred.  I included the reversed image option, so it’s ready to print.St. Patrick's day t-shirt transfer reverse  If you haven’t worked with iron-on transfers before, the mirrored image will print on your transfer paper as shown on the right.  Looks strange but transfers correctly!

The design is 6.5×10 and if you’d like to reduce the size of the design a wee bit for a smaller t-shirt, you can do that on your computer.  A test print on a plain piece of paper would be a good idea to make sure it’s the finished size you want it to be.  Once you print the design on the transfer paper, allow the image to dry 30 minutes before cutting the excess transfer paper away from the design and ironing it onto your t-shirt.

I cut the transfer out as a rectangle, staying close to the horizontal black lines and cutting straight vertical lines as well.  It’s much easier to peel the ironed on transfer paper away along straight edges rather than intricate edges-another lesson learned the hard way!  Make sure to follow the transfer product instructions and the luck of the Irish will be with you!


I also included a Shamrock & Roll printable formatted to fit an 8×10 frame.  Suitable for adding a touch of green to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

Click and save to get your Irish on and Shamrock & Roll!

Designs are for personal use only



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