Easy to make haunted house for Halloween!

Spooktacular Haunted House DIY

This spooktacular haunted house DIY project is great for Halloween decorating!  And it’s so simple to make with the free printable at the end of this post!

I bought an unfinished wood birdhouse with the intention of finishing it in the summer-but September rolled around and I decided to make a haunted house instead!  If you’d like to make one-here’s what you’ll need.

Haunted house DIY instruct

If you have a different style birdhouse I’m sure you could make it work with a few adjustments and your creativity!

I painted the birdhouse black, the roof orange and the picket fence white.  When the paint dried I sanded the edges a little for a worn look.

The BEWARE sign is on the free printable sheet at the end of this post.  I cut it out and glued it on the birdhouse with Mod Podge Matte clear-you could use a clear glue of your choice.

The For Sale House Haunters Realty sign is also on the free printable sheet.  Cut out the sign, fold on the dotted lines and glue to a toothpick or Q-tip stick to make the sign.  Depending on the style of the birdhouse you use-you can drill a small hole in which to place the for sale sign or add a small base and stand it in front of the house.  A block of painted styrofoam works too.

And every haunted house needs ghosts and pumpkins!  The directions for both are in my Halloween ghosts and pumpkins post.

Halloween ghosts and pumpkins

I made the very simple ghost from tissue paper and Sculpey pumpkins for the porch!  You might want to make extra ghosts and pumpkins-they’re fun to add to other Halloween decorating projects!

For the birdhouse ghost-I followed the technique for adding a short piece of wire inside the ghost’s neck.  I made a tiny hole in the roof of the house where I wanted to stick the wired ghost and then secured it with a dot of glue.   I also glued the tissue corners of the ghost to cover the wire and to animate the ghost as if it were in flight over the roof.

The birdhouse is now haunted and ready for Halloween-fun to use for for a centerpiece or scary and merry decorating!
Spooktacular haunted house printAnd the Beware-This House is Haunted design shown framed here is also available on the free spooktacular printable below.  It fits a 5×7 frame and is a great companion to the Haunted birdhouse!

The printable sheet also has bats to cut out and use if you choose.haunted house diy bat  They can be added to your birdhouse or they can hang from trees made from branches like the ones shown.  To make the trees, simply glue small branches into holes drilled into wood bases that are painted black.  The bats can hang from the branches using black thread or wire or they can be glued to small branches.

Have a Happy and haunted Halloween!


Spooktacular haunted house








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