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Snowman place card holders

It’s the time of year for dinner parties and merry making to celebrate the season!  And these little snowman place card holders are simple to make, inexpensive and add a festive touch to your table!

Snowman place card holder art design joy

I used Sculpey oven bake clay to make the place card holders, as it’s easy to work with and durable.  There are air dry clays that would work too-so use your favorite product and follow package directions.

I made a simple snowman shape with 3 balls of clay in graduating sizes, just as you would make a real snowman.  I smoothed the pieces together and flattened them on the bottom so they would stand securely.

To make a card holder, I wrapped craft wire around a pencil about 3 times and slipped it off the pencil.   Leave enough wire at the end so you can push it into the top before baking.  You could add arms made with little twigs or wire too.

For the nose, I used the end of a round toothpick. You can cut the toothpick and press it into the snowman before baking and remove it, leaving a hole in which to glue it after baking.  Paint the snowmen after it’s baked and cooled with white acrylic. Paint the noses orange and glue them onto the snowman with a dot of glue after they’re dry.

If you prefer, you can leave the nose in place as the clay bakes.  It’s up to you!  I painted the eyes with black acrylic, and if you don’t have a tiny paintbrush the end of a toothpick works great!

I added a sparkle of glitter to a sealer coat of matte Mod Podge and a twist of tinsel around the neck for a finishing touch.  You could also use mini greenery or ribbon or make a little scarf with a strip of fabric or felt!

Snowman place card holder sweets art design joy

The snowman place card holders also serve double duty as recipe card holders!  Make a batch of your favorite goodies to share and include a little snowman holder along with the recipe card for a sweet gift!  Or use it as a display card on your treat table when you entertain.

Snowman place card holders

Another use for the snowman is to use it to display photos as part of your holiday decorations!

And a fun option is to print off a little photo of your guests to display at their place at the table instead of using a place card with their name.

Snowman place card holder

A little snowman can bring big smiles any time-and especially at Christmas!  I love how the place card holders look with a table setting of snowy white dishes, sparkling silver and tiny twinkling lights!

Pairs well with holiday happiness and joy!

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  1. I would like to make 10 of these lovely snowmen. Approximately how much clay is used for one?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Pat! I measured the snowman and the largest snowball on the bottom is about 1 1/4″ at the widest part. The size of the snowman tapers up to his head which is a little under 3/4″. The snowman pictured in the DIY is a little over 2″ tall. I hope that helps and if you have further questions please let me know!

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