Handmade holiday cheer begins here!

Tis the season for holiday decorating, and when the decorating is finished it’s time to entertain!  These handmade Christmas stockings can be used for Christmas tree ornaments, gift tags and silverware holders for entertaining.  The black and white silverware stockings are great with red dishes!

Handmade Christmas stockings Art Design Joy

For this design I used some of my favorite vintage Santa Claus images with new typography.  Instead of using a transfer process to get the design onto fabric, I decided to try a package of PhotoFabric sheets I purchased at a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store.

The sheets are paper backed fabric made for use with all inkjet printers.  The fabric is 100% cotton twill and soft to the touch.  And as the package says-just print, peel off the back and sew!  The fabric can be hand washed too.  I bought a package of 5 sheets and with a 50% off coupon the sheets cost about $1 apiece.  Place a sheet in your inkjet printer just as you would paper and print!

Handmade Christmas stockings

There are 3 pages of free printables available at the end of this post.  There is a single Santa’s stocking, silverware stockings and a page of 6 stockings for mini ornaments.  The mini ornaments can also be printed on card stock and cut out to use as gift tags!

Handmade Christmas stocking

The larger stocking can hang on the tree filled with candy canes or small gifts, or it can be left empty for Santa to fill!  I printed the design onto the PhotoFabric and peeled off the backing sheet following package directions.  I cut out a piece of white fabric the same shape as the stocking and stitched the two pieces together along the edges-right sides out.  I added a loop of ribbon for hanging the stocking on the tree.

If you don’t have a sewing machine hand stitching would work too.  And a stitching alternative is a product called Liquid stitch that can be used on the backside of your printed stocking to glue it onto a backing fabric.  The glued edge won’t be as secure as a stitched edge, so it would be best to keep the stocking contents light!

Handmade Christmas stockings Art Design Joy

The mini ornaments are made the same way.  I used a chenille pipe cleaner as a handle so I could hang them on the tree.  I cut the pipe cleaner in half and bent it into a U shape.  Using a cool glue gun, I tacked the ends inside the stocking. Ribbon or tinsel would work for a handle too.  I added a gingerbread man from the handmade Christmas ornaments DIY post and a candy cane.  You could also fill it with evergreen stems and holly berries or tuck in Christmas candies!

Handmade Christmas stockings

For quick and inexpensive gift tags print the mini stocking tags onto a card stock and cut them out.  Write names on the back, punch a hole in the tag and they’re ready to tie on to gift bags or packages!

Fill your handmade Christmas stockings with cheer!

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Silverware stockings Art Design Joy

Mini handmade stockings Art Design Joy









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