Halloween pumpkin party decorations and printables!

Halloween pumpkin party

When October days become shorter and the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to start decorating for Halloween!  And the free Halloween pumpkin party printables at the end of this post will give you a head start.  The happy pumpkins are great for a Halloween party too!

Halloween pumpkin party centerpiece

The Halloween pumpkin party centerpiece is easy to make and inexpensive!  The printable wrap is designed to fit Jo-Ann’s terra cotta flowerpot, found in the floral supplies.  Different manufacturers flower pots may vary in size.

Paint the top edge of the pot with black acrylic paint.  Let it dry.  Download the free printable below, cut out and glue it to the pot using Mod Podge.  This is the step where it might make a difference if the 4″ pot is from a different manufacturer.  If it doesn’t fit perfectly when wrapped around the pot-adjust the fit on the back of the pot and trim if necessary.

When it’s dry, apply a top coat of Mod Podge to protect it.  If using an ink jet print, I’ve found it helps to spray the print with a light coat of clear acrylic and allow it to dry before applying the Mod Podge.  It will prevent the ink from smearing.  If using a laser printer, you won’t need to spray the print.

To finish the centerpiece, cut out the Happy Halloween mini sign on the printable , fold it in half and glue to a craft stick or toothpick. halloween-pumpkin-sign Cut a small piece of styrofoam or floral foam and secure it in the pot.  Find sticks or small pieces of a tree branch to make a haunted tree and push it into the foam base.  I covered it with a little piece of black felt and added a swirl of fiberfill to resemble ghostly fog!

Make the simple tissue ghost with instructions from the Halloween Ghosts and Pumpkins post.  And if you’d like to add bats to the tree, cut out the bats from the printable and glue them to the branch or hang them from a little loop of black thread glued to the back of the bat.  You might want to use a black sharpie or marker on the back of the bat so it’s all black.

Halloween pumpkin party candle

This pumpkin candle wrap will get your Halloween party glowing!

Add a fun touch to your home for Halloween and welcome trick or treaters with glowing Jack o’lantern candles-as simple as print, cut and tape!  Print the free candle wrap printable at the end of this post on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of vellum, available in the scrapbook paper section of most craft supply stores.   Cut out the design and wrap it around a standard 5 inch tall battery candle that is about 3 inches in diameter.  Secure the seam with clear or removable tape.  Different jack o’lanterns faces wrap around the sides so you can make a set of them.  The more the merrier!

Halloween pumpkin party holder

Here’s an easy trick for making a fun and inexpensive holder for Halloween treats!  Make several for party treats or to surprise the kids at Halloween!  Simply save and print the free pumpkin treat holder, cut out, fold and tape or glue to secure the edges as the instructions show.  You’ll need to print on card or cover stock to make sure it is strong enough to hold up to your treats. Line with orange or black tissue paper or shredded paper filler and it’s ready for candy.  Have a Happy Halloween!

Download the pumpkin printables here-















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