Sunflower fields forever!

Grinter's sunflower farm Art Design Joy

Sunflower fields are a common sight in the Midwest countryside, but most pale in comparison to the Grinter’s sunflower farm located in Leavenworth County, Kansas!


The Grinter family has been planting sunflowers for over 4 decades and we first heard about their farm about 10 years ago.  On a perfect late summer day we made the short drive through the countryside from Lawrence, Kansas to the Grinter’s sunflower farm.

When we arrived we were struck by the stunning beauty of a 40 acre sea of brilliant yellow sunflowers facing toward the morning sun.  An awe-inspiring panorama, to say the least!

Grinter's sunflower farm

There were just a few of us in the fields taking photos that day as we marveled at nature’s incredible display.  The towering sunflowers were swarming with bees and butterflies and it was an exhilarating experience to be surrounded by so much beauty!

The peak viewing time for the flowers changes yearly depending on weather conditions, and peak blooming is usually around Labor Day.  The flowers look their best for about 2 weeks before the seeds grow heavy and cause the huge flower heads to droop.

Grinter's farm sunflowers fields

During those 2 weeks the Grinter family graciously allows the public into the fields from sunup to sunset to take photographs.  And you can take home colossal sunflowers for $1 a bloom!

Grinter's Sunflower farms

Word has spread about the Grinter’s sunflower farm since our first visit and thousands of people visited the farm last year during peak bloom time. There is no admission charge and the Grinters have taken land out of production to provide more free parking to accommodate visitors.  If possible, it’s recommended that you go in the daytime on a week day for the best experience.Grinter's sunflower farm

After the flowers have faded, the Grinters harvest their crop of sunflowers for birdseed.  Thanks to the family’s hard work, we can enjoy the beauty of the sunflowers and birds enjoy the bounty of their harvest!

The Grinter’s have installed donation boxes which help them cover the expenses of opening their fields to the public.  So if you visit the farm and can donate, it helps repay the family’s tireless efforts to share the beauty of their sunflower farm with visitors.

If you’d like to check the flowers progress, check the Grinter Farms facebook page.

And if you love sunflowers as I do, I’ve added new sunflower printables to the Flower Art freebie page.

Grinter's sunflower farms

 Enjoy happy hours in fields of sunflowers!

Grinter's sunflower farm


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