Inspired by farm fresh eggs, milk and ice cream!

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

Creative inspiration can be found in the simplest things.  But this is a first for me.  My grocery shopping list sparked the ideas for farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables!

I decided to run errands while my phone was being repaired, but my grocery list was on my phone.  I tried to remember what I needed and write it down.  But all I could think of was eggs, milk, chocolate and coffee!  So I ended up doodling on my shopping list as I waited for my phone.  And the sketches were of the things I forgot to buy, especially ice cream!

Those doodles made me think about the wonderful homemade ice cream my Mom and Grandma used to make.  There is nothing better than rich, sweet vanilla ice cream made with farm fresh ingredients.  Just eggs, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla.  And it was so delicious, topped with sun ripened strawberries from Grandma’s garden.

It’s one of my favorite farmhouse kitchen memories!


Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

My husband Rex has similar memories (the pottery bowls pictured were his childhood ice cream bowls) and he was inspired to create these rustic farmhouse milk and eggs signs from old barn wood and twigs.

He cut the twigs and laid them out as simple letter forms, nailing them to the barn wood.  He added tin strips to the ends of the wood, wrapping them around and attaching them with small screws on the front and back of the sign.  He added wire attached to small eye hooks for hanging.  You could make a similar sign with your name, or how about the word Joy for Christmas or year round?

And in case I need to create a paper shopping list again, he made a simple note holder with barn wood and added a bulldog clip to the front.  To fancy it up a little he twisted wire into a simple design, painted it black and drilled small holes in the wood to attach it.

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

I think the small version would be great to hold a small photo too!   Just add a sawtooth hanger for hanging it on the wall, or a little block of wood to the back on the bottom edge to make it stand.

I designed the shopping list printables using a favorite vintage font and added the free download at the end of the post.  The large and small versions of the list are both included.  I keep the extra shopping lists in a mini grocery bag on my kitchen counter.  The one pictured was filled with homemade potato chips at Nordstrom Cafe.  It was too cute to throw away, and a great excuse to eat more chips!

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

I also created a Homemade ice cream design perfect for farmhouse wall decor!  The weathered wood effect and vintage fonts look great in kitchens from farmhouse to traditional.  And the free printable is available for download in the Food & Drink Art freebies.

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

It’s easy to make a sign with the printable.  I painted the edges of a board black and distressed the edges with sandpaper.  I used spray adhesive to attach the print to the board, drilled holes and added a wire hanger.  A perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen and reminiscent of a vintage ice cream parlor!

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

Another way to display the sign is on an easel, and if you like the rustic look this may be the ultimate upcycled natural materials project!  Rex used larger branches from the yard to create this simple display easel.  Using thin wire, he twisted it around the branches to hold the crossbar in place and to hold the 3 pieces together at the top.  He then wound jute around the top to cover the wire.  Easy to make and environment and budget friendly!

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

The easel is also great paired with the rustic eggs sign if you don’t have a place to hang it!

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas and printables

And those larger branches from the yard trimmings didn’t go to waste!  I needed a riser for a photo project and Rex made this little table.  It’s the perfect height and reminds me of a mini milking stool!  He cut the top from a piece of weathered wood and attached the legs to the top with screws.

The stool could be painted if you don’t have barn wood, but I loved the rustic look.  And it’s perfect for a farmhouse kitchen!  It’s time to trim trees again-who knows what he’ll come up with next?

I’m adding a bigger kitchen to my shopping list!










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  1. I downloaded your ice cream sign and was hoping to do a different background, but it was a jpg. 🙁 Could you tell me where you bought your font?

    1. The font is Stella and I purchased it on Creative market, my favorite place for fonts!

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