Let it snow, let it snow while we sew!

It’s never too early to think about making handcrafted Christmas gifts for family and friends.  And this easy to sew snowman pattern is perfect for giving and for adding to your own holiday decorations!

I love to sew, and my favorite kinds of projects are the kinds I can sew quickly.  Especially this time of year when the calendar get busier!  So I designed this simple pattern with that in mind.  The one piece body is simple to sew so you can spend more time on the fun part, which is the finishing details that give your snowman and snow lady their personalities!  If you like to sew, I’m sharing the snowman and hat patterns at the end of the post.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the snow couple:

  • Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting
  • Black felt for his top hat
  • Burgundy felt scraps for her hat and the scarves
  • Scrap of faux fur or trim for hat band
  • Silver mini ornament, pom pom or jingle bell for her hat
  • Mini bottlebrush trees (green or natural)
  • Mini beads for tree and wreath ornaments
  • Silver tinsel for wreath
  • Poly-Pellet plastic filler beads to weight the bottom so they will stand
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Ivory or white thread
  • Oven bake clay (like Fimo or Sculpey) to make carrot noses and mini snowman on wreath
  • Orange craft paint, black paint or black permanent ink pen
  • powder blush and a Q-tip for cheeks
  • Silver and crystal glitter and a glue that dries clear
  • Hot glue gun (I used a cool glue gun)
  • Mini holly trim

The snowman pattern is available for saving and printing at the end of the post.  Many home printers print on 8.5 x 11 paper only, and since the pattern is larger than that I’ve included 2 printing options.

Option 1-Click, save and print page 1 and page 2, and overlap them until the snowman outlines align as shown below.  Then tape the pieces together before cutting them out.

Option 2-If you have an 11×17 paper option available, select, save and print the full view copy.

Once you’ve cut out the pattern, pin it onto the fabric and cut out on the cutting lines.  I used needled cotton batting, as I like the natural color and texture.  It’s available by the yard or in packages at most fabric or craft stores.

Cut 2 pieces for the body and sew them together on the stitching line.  Make sure and leave the top of the head open for turning and stuffing the body.

To make a snow couple as shown, shorten one of the figures by about 1 1/4 inch from the bottom edge.

Turn the body inside out through the opening, starting with the bottom edge.  I use the eraser end of a pencil or a wooden spoon handle (as shown in fig. 1) to turn the arms after the body is turned.  You can use your fingers to get them started.easy to sew snowman pattern Art Design Joy

The next step is to create a flat bottom so the snowman will stand without falling over.  Pull the front and back apart near the bottom seam as shown in fig. 2easy to sew snowman pattern Art Design Joy The points will fold in (fig. 3) when sewn. Lay flat and sew across them about 3/4 inch from the point as in fig. 4.


Fold the points in along the stitching lines and tack them in place as shown on fig. 5.

Easy to sew snowman pattern Art design joy

Your snowman is ready to stuff!  In order for the snowman to stand you’ll need to add poly-pellets weighted stuffing beads before you add the fiberfill.  There are lots of different types of beads available at craft stores and online.  I added about 3/4 cup of beads, pouring or spooning them in so they fall to the base of the body.  You can test your snowman to see if he stands up and add more if needed.

Finish stuffing the snowman with fiberfill.  Stuff the arms lightly, being careful not to overstuff them or they won’t be bendable for holding trees or wreaths.  When finished stuffing, hand stitch the top of the head closed, and don’t worry about how the stitches look as the hat will cover it!Easy to sew snowman pattern Art design joy

To define the head and give it a rounder shape, use a heavy thread like quilting thread or double strands of regular thread and gather it around the neck until the rounded head is formed. (fig.6)  Pull the thread firmly and tie a few knots.  And as before, don’t worry about how it looks as the scarf will cover it!

The photos below show how the snowman and the bottom of the snowman will look after you’re finishing with the stuffing.

easy to sew snowman pattern. art design joy

Here’s how to make the top hat!

Easy to sew snowman pattern Art design joy

To make the snow lady’s hat, cut the pattern piece from felt and run a larger gathering stitch along the long edge as shown.  I used a needle and thread and ran a loose stitch along the edge by hand, but a machine gathering stitch would work too.  Pull the thread and gather as tightly as possible and tie a knot.

Pin the short edges together and place it on the snow lady’s head to check the size.  Adjust it to fit, and if it looks like the hat is too long, you can trim a little off the bottom edge.  Then glue or hand stitch the back edges together.

For the fur hat band, cut a strip of faux fur to fit around the hat and glue it on. To decorate the hat, add a silver mini ornament to the top or use a jingle bell or pom pom.  Add mini holly trim and a bead for the berry.  I found a mini holly garland at the craft store and trimmed off 2 leaves to make a holly cluster, dusting them with glitter.

Cut a 3/4 x 14 inch wide piece of felt or fabric of your choice for the scarf and tie it around the neck.

With the hats and scarves in place, you can see the positioning for the faces.  I used a Micro Pigma waterproof permanent black ink pen for the eyes and mouth.  You can also use a toothpick dipped into black acrylic craft paints or a paintbrush.

I formed the carrot nose from oven bake clay since it dries hard after baking and can be sanded and painted with acrylic paint when cool.  Glue it into place with glue of your choice or use a glue gun.  Using a Q-tip and powder blush, dust on a little color to create rosy cheeks.

If you’d like added sparkle, add a dusting of glitter overall.  I used a fine silver and a clear crystal glitter sprinkled over glue that was lightly brushed onto the fabric.  Make sure it’s a glue that dries clear and it’s a good idea to test the glue on your fabric first.  The Elmer’s glue I was using turned the burgundy felt pink when it was wet, but it dried clear.

Easy to sew snowman pattern Art Design Joy

There are lots of options for decorating the snow couple and you can use your own creativity!

For my snowman, I used a green bottlebrush tree that I bleached to give it a vintage look, and the directions can be found in the easy to make clay snowman post. There are ivory bottlebrush trees available for purchase now to save time!  I placed the finished tree in a tiny wood flower pot that I found in the unfinished wood section at the craft store.

easy to sew snowman pattern art design joy

The directions for the snow lady’s vintage look tinsel wreath are included in the vintage Christmas Santa Claus post.  I made a tiny snowman of Sculpey clay and added a toothpick nose.  After painting it with acrylics and dusting it with glitter, I glued it into the wreath.

Glue the finished tree and wreath into the snowman and snow lady’s hands, using a glue gun or glue of your choice.

easy to sew snowman pattern art design joy

Everyone loves receiving a handmade gift from the heart, so make yourself a merry little Christmas!

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  1. Thank you, so very much, for sharing this adorable pattern! I haven’t made homemade gifts in years, but this pattern has inspired me!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! My sister and I always exchange a handmade gift at Christmas, and her gifts are always my favorite! I’m sure those who may receive a homemade gift from you will feel the same way!

  2. Hi Joy, Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and instructions on how to make this beautiful snowman. Is Warm and Natural Needled Cotton Batting the same as Warm and Natural Cotton Batting?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Sonia. I’m sure Warm and Natural Cotton batting would work great for the snowman!

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