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Easy to make snowman

It won’t be long before we’re decking the halls for Christmas!  And that means it’s also time to think about special handmade gifts for family and friends, like this easy to make snowman!  You can make a number of these inexpensively and at the same time, so let’s get started!

The snowman is made with oven bake clay, and the brand I like is Sculpey.  It’s easy to use and very durable.  I buy the large box and it remains workable until you’re ready to use it!  Just keep it wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in a cool place.

make a snowman directions

The measurements of the clay pieces above make a snowman about 3 inches tall-without his hat!

Work on a wax paper or foil covered surface to protect your furniture. Start with the simple clay shapes for the body, head and arms.  Roll the body between your palms until you elongate the shape as shown below.  Sit it firmly on your work surface to flatten the bottom so it will stand without falling over!  Then roll the head until it’s round, making sure it’s the size you want in relation to the body.  I try to tilt the head a bit when I add it to the body for animation and expression.  Smooth the body and head together to join the pieces. Pinch out a nose and form cheeks if you wish.  If you’d prefer to make a separate carrot nose and glue it on after it’s baked that works too.

Form the arms into similar sized tubes and add them to the body by smoothing them together at the shoulders.  It’s okay if the areas where the body and neck are adjoined aren’t perfect, because the scarf will cover them when you’re finished!

If you’d like to add little buttons to the front of the snowman, roll tiny pieces of clay into circles, flatten and add them.  Using the end of a toothpick, you can poke little button holes into them.  You can also paint on buttons later if you prefer.

make a snowman sculpt

There are many ways to personalize your snowman!  You can add a small clay square in his hands and paint it as a gift after it’s baked, or he can hold a miniature wreath, initial or stocking.  bottlebrush-tree-adjI used a tree for this snowman, and stuck the wire tree “trunk” into his hand to make a small hole to glue the tree into later.  Make sure and remove the tree before baking!

Smooth any rough edges on the clay with your fingers or a sculpting tool and your snowman is ready to bake.  I use a small baking sheet covered with parchment paper or foil.  Just make sure and follow the directions on the package and let it cool completely before painting.  While you’re waiting, decorate your tree and make the hat!

This miniature bottlebrush tree started out green, which works fine too!  I wanted a vintage look so I placed the green tree in a glass jar filled with enough bleach to submerge the tree.  And within 25 minutes the tree was ivory!  I bleached several trees at the same time, and left some of them with a pale green tint.  The final color is up to you.  When the tree was thoroughly dry, I brushed it with glue as shown and sprinkled it with clear and gold glitter.  I also added little beads and pearls as tree ornaments, using tweezers to make the job easier!

Bottlebrush tree ADJ

The tree can be as simple or as decorative as you wish!  Set the tree aside to dry while making the snowman’s felt top hat.  Here’s how!


If your snowman is baked and thoroughly cooled, it’s ready to paint.  Baked Sculpey can be sanded if you’d like a smoother surface, and then painted with 100% acrylic or water-based acrylic paints.  I used antique white and added a little blush of pink on his cheeks.  When the paint is dry, tie on a little strip of felt, fabric or wired ribbon in the color of your choice to make a scarf.  Fringe the ends of the felt with scissors.

The finishing touch is to add a thin coat of matte Mod Podge overall and dust the snowman and scarf with glitter.  The Mod Podge will stiffen the felt scarf a little, so if you’d like it to look like it’s blowing in the wind, make sure it’s in that position as it dries.


When the clear coat and glitter has dried, it’s time to glue the hat and tree in place!  I used a cool glue gun but you can use the glue of your choice.  Make sure and sign the bottom of your snowman to personalize it!
Make a snowman gift

I purchased inexpensive kraft paper boxes to use as gift boxes.  And they will be great for storing the snowman after the holidays!  I added a label that I printed and cut out, or you can sign the inside of the lid with a greeting and your gift is ready to share.

Make sure to make an extra snowman for you!

Make a snowman forest

I love using snowmen under a glass cloche or in winter wonderland vignettes.  I made the trees from twigs stuck into Sculpey bases and added touches of white acrylic paint for snow on the limbs.

Your snowman will be a perfect addition to Christmas villages too!  For more clay snowmen projects check out the Winter Wonderland Snowman DIY and the easy to make Snowman place card holders!

Make a snowman town

Handmade and from the heart for a merry little Christmas!





20 responses to “Easy to make snowman

  1. It is wonderful having talented people who share their patterns for free. I am 71 on a very tight budget. I just finished making 3 of your snowmen for Christmas gifts to my children. I am no longer able to buy so must be homemade. Thank you so mUchida for sharing your talent!

    1. Hi Connie. I am so happy knowing you made my snowman for gifts to your children! I’m honored to be part of your Christmas celebration and know they’ll love having a handmade gift from you!

  2. That is so sweet ! I was reading the comment above and I to agree how thoughtful of you to take the time to share this wonderful project the vintage look is my favorite huh maybe age has something to do with that 😉. Anywho that little guy is lovely and brings warm feelings to the tummy can’t wait to try him out. I really want to try to make a larger one and see how I do. Thanks again! Hope u have a Merry Christamas and Happy New Year

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I think a larger version would be great! Let me know how it works and hope your snowman brings an extra touch of merry to your Christmas celebration!

  3. I too, am so very glad you have shared. Thank you. I’ve been buying sculpt in the little bars, but do believe I’ll need the bigger one!😀

    1. Thank you. So glad you’re enjoying using clay! I’m a big believer in buying the large box and it lasts a long time. Plus you can usually find a 50% off coupon for the craft stores so that really knocks the price down!

  4. Thank you for your tutorials!! You explain so nicely. And your pictures and ideas are extremely helpful. I am going to try some of these snowmen this week! Thank you again!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m (finally) starting to make my Christmas gifts for this year so I plan on sharing new projects soon. Hope you enjoy making snowmen!

      1. Love your Snowman. I’m 77 and love to use my hands and try different projects. Sew, knit, garden and will try almost anything. I need a very small snowman to put in an antique oil lantern that I’ve had for many years. Going to try your adorable little guy, but will make it smaller. Thank you 😊. Also will try the tree. 🎄

      2. I hope you enjoy making a little snowman for your lantern! It sounds like you’re living life filled with creative joy!

  5. Art design joy: think I left a message in the wrongplace, just wanted to say I read the tutorial and think I might tackle this Lil project. Looks like fun – thank you!

  6. I love this!
    Thank you so much for sharing, that is so kind of you!!!
    I live in a small town, where can I buy this clay?
    I can’t wait to try this!!!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I checked online and the Polyform Sculpey Original Clay 1.75 lb. box of white is available to order online from Walmart and it can be picked up at your nearest store with free shipping. It’s listed for $10.57 for the box, and that’s quite a bit of clay. The good part is that the clay stays soft and pliable until you bake it. I’ve been using the same box for several years. It’s also available on Amazon for $13.38 for the same size box. Hope that helps and I hope you enjoy working with the clay!

  7. Oh my goodness! I loved your snowman from the first time I saw him! It was around Thanksgiving and I decided to make a couple. After a couple I was hooked. I made a total of 11. I kept my first one as my husband and I made him together. 🙂
    I gave the other 10 away as gifts for Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing you idea and instructions. They were very helpful and my gifts were quite a hit. Everyone loved them!

    1. I’m so happy to hear you made 11 snowmen! And happy you enjoyed making them too! I’m sure those who received your gifts loved them, as there is nothing as thoughtful and original as a handmade gift. I gave them as gifts this year too and it seems like each snowman takes on its own personality. Thanks for sharing-you made my day!

  8. Love love the clay snowman. I can’t wait to make them this year for gifts. I do have one question…What size Christmas trees did you use? I am guessing 1.5 inch trees. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much! I have great intentions to start making gifts EARLY this year…for a change. The mini bottlebrush tree I used on the snowman was 1 inch tall, but 1.5 inch trees would certainly work too. Hope you enjoy making them!

  9. I’m wondering exactly how long to bake this…the directions on the box say 15 min. per ¼ inch thickness. This snowman is so thick…how long did everyone end up baking it? A 3” ball would be 3 hours! So I’m guessing a cylindrical shape around an hour??? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tracy. I usually bake the snowman about 45 minutes or so and it is always hardened when it cools. Some clay products suggest making an armature of foil or wire mesh first and covering it with clay, but it’s a lot easier to just roll a ball of clay! By the time the pieces are blended into a cylindrical snowman shape I think you’ll have no problem with 45 minutes to an hour bake time.

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