Easy to make candleholders


I admit to being an architectural salvage addict.  And these easy to make candleholders are the happy result of upcycled salvage!  I love weathered wood with chipped and crackled surfaces painted in all shades of antique whites. and over the years I’ve collected lots of vintage wood balusters with the idea of using them as bases for garden birdhouses.

But I never made the birdhouses and couldn’t part with the balusters.  And now I’m so glad I kept them!  I mentioned to Rex that I was looking for a trio of tall candleholders for our hearth and he sketched a design that was exactly what I was looking for…using the antique balusters.  Here’s his plan.


The wood bases on my candleholders are pieces of wood from my Dad’s old barn, which makes the candleholders even more special to me!  And Rex had a great idea as to what to use for the piece the candles sit on-old DVDs!


He spray painted the DVDs black and when they were dry, secured the DVD to the baluster using a flathead screw and washer.  Make sure the screw is tightened to where it is flush or below the surface of the DVD so the candle will sit flat and securely on top of it.

Easy to make candleholders

We used 3 different heights and shades of balusters for the candleholders, and I love the results.  I use battery candles and enjoy the glow of the light year round, especially during the long nights of winter when I add evergreens and my antique skates to the mix.

I still have more balusters, so maybe I’ll make those birdhouses next!

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