Easter t-shirt design

It’s time for Easter egg hunts!  I have a creative friend who always makes cute t-shirts for her kids to wear to their neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  This year she asked if I could create an Easter t-shirt design for her, which I was happy to do!  She wanted a quick and easy to make DIY, so we decided to do an iron-on transfer design.

While I was looking for creative inspiration for the design, I thought about my own childhood memories of Easter.  We always visited my grandparents, who lived on a farm in western Kansas.

My Grandma greeted us with beautiful Easter baskets that she made especially for us.   I remember the excitement of seeing the big wicker baskets spilling over with chocolate bunnies, candy eggs, decorated cookies and sweet chenille baby chicks.  Those happy memories were the inspiration for this Easter t-shirt design!

I created a whimsical design with baby chicks masquerading as Easter bunnies in a basket of colorful polka dot eggs.  Fortunately, my friend (and her kids) loved it and they’re happy to have me share the design with you as a free printable at the end of this post!  Just click, save to your home computer and print on iron-on transfer sheets made for inkjet printers.

There are different brands of transfer sheets available at craft supply stores or online.  The same suppliers sell inexpensive plain t-shirts as well.  Most transfer instructions say they are best used on cotton and poly/cotton blend fabrics.  And the product I used specified that fabrics shouldn’t be washed prior to applying the transfer.

To make the Easter transfer t-shirt, the design needs to be reversed so it reads correctly after it’s transferred.  I included the reversed image below, so it’s ready to save to your computer and print. Chick'n bunny

The chick’n bunnies design is about 7×8 and if you’d like to reduce the size of the design for a smaller t-shirt, you can do that on your home computer.  A test print on a plain piece of paper would be a good idea to make sure it’s the finished size you want it to be.  Once you print the design on the transfer paper, allow the image to dry at least 30 minutes.

Next, trim the excess transfer paper away from the design and place it print side down on the t-shirt.  Make sure it’s aligned so it’s straight on the shirt before ironing, and follow your package directions carefully!

Some products give you the option of how shiny the transfer finish will be, depending on how long you iron the image.  I’m still looking for a product with a matte finish and no sheen, so if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear from you!

The Easter t-shirt design transfer could also be used to make a pillow, table runner or other Easter DIY projects!

I included the design as a regular (not reversed) printable for DIY and as a note card for Easter.  If you make the t-shirt it might be fun to take a pic of the kids wearing it and include a print inside the card for sending to family and friends at Easter!


Easter card

To make the card simply click and save to your computer from the Chick’n bunnies card button below.  Print on card stock for the best results.  The card fits in a 5.25 x 7.25 envelope, and they’re available in lots of colors at craft supply and office supply stores.

If you’d like to add sparkle to the card, add colored glitter to the dots on the Easter eggs!  And clear or white glitter is cute on the bunny ears too.  Enjoy creating wonderful Easter memories!

Happy Easter!

Chick'n bunny border




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