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DIY Valentine mailbox and printable cards project ADJ

One of my earliest Valentine’s Day memories is the fun my sisters and I had decorating boxes to hold our valentines.  We used shoe boxes with slots cut in the tops and decorated them with construction paper hearts, crepe paper ruffles and lots of glitter!  And I always thought the end result was beautiful.

That’s why I really enjoyed creating this DIY valentine mailbox and printable cards project.  It reminded me of those handmade boxes filled with sweet valentines received from friends.  And I’mValentine's day feb 14 sharing my valentine printables with you in hopes that you can make happy valentine memories!

A valentine mailbox filled with cards can be a fun and creative project for the kids too.  They can use their imaginations to create valentines for family and friends, place them in the mailbox and share them on Valentine’s Day!  The result is a fun family tradition and handmade valentines that will become heirlooms over the years.

I still have many of my valentines from childhood and shared several of them in the Valentine Art for Sweethearts Freebie section.  The printables can be used for DIY projects or for making Valentines!

DIY Valentine mailbox and printable cards project

I found the kraft paper mailbox at the craft store and thought it would be great to hold valentines-and at half price it was $2.50!  I also picked up several heart kraft paper boxes for 50 cents apiece.

Using red and black acrylic paints that I had on hand-I painted the mailbox flag and ends of the box. If you’d like to dress it up you could add red glitter to the flag.

I then printed, cut out and glued the Hugs & Kisses designs to each side of the mailbox, using Mod Podge. I also added a couple of cutouts to the top of the box.

The mailbox is ready for filling with valentines!

DIY Valentine mailbox and printable cards project

The printable collection includes 4 sheets of designs to cut out and use to create Valentines, cards and gift tags.  From cupid to lovebirds, the designs coordinate so you can create your own projects!

Valentine mailbox and printable cards project ideas

I love to mix and match vintage and new art and type!  I scanned antique Valentines and postcards from my collection and combined the images with bold colors and graphics to create new designs.

Something borrowed, something new!

DIY Valentine mailbox and printable cards project

Of course a valentine mailbox isn’t complete without mail!  So I printed the valentine hearts and cards on white card stock, cut them out and tucked them into the box.

The Feb 14 design was a perfect fit for the lid of one of the small heart shaped kraft paper boxes.  I traced the lid heart shape on the printout to make sure it was centered and then cut it out and glued it in place.  I used the same red acrylic to paint the base of the box.  It’s ready to fill with candy or a small gift-or to use as a valentine decoration!

DIY Valentine mailbox and printable cards project

The sweethearts pattern printable works great as a paper wrap for the heart boxes.  Just measure the height of the box, then cut, wrap and glue the paper strip around the base.

For the larger box, I painted the edges of the lid white and glued the sweethearts print on the top.  I used pink acrylic to paint the bottom of the box.

To make inexpensive gift bags for gifts and goodies, I decorated plain white paper bags that were 10 for $1!  I cut out and glued valentine designs on the bags and tied them with pretty ribbons.

Hugs & Kisses card

The Hugs & Kisses card can be printed on card stock and fits a 5.25″x7.25″ envelope.  The envelopes are available in different colors at craft and office supply stores.

The card is blank inside so you can write a love note to your sweetheart or a sweet note to a friend!

DIY Valentine mailbox and printable cards project ADJ

Make joyful memories and happy hearts by sharing love with the sweethearts in your life!

And have a happy Valentine’s Day!

The printables are for personal use only.  Print quality will depend on your printer and laser printers will produce the best results in color and detail.  Laser printers are available at shipping and office supply centers.

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