Not sure of today’s date?

DIY calendar cubes to the rescue!


I rarely know what the date is, so I made these DIY calendar cubes to use as a visual daily reminder!   Computer and phone reminders keep me from missing deadlines and important events, but I rely on the calendar blocks to always to know what the date is.

It takes a moment to turn the cubes and focus on the date-and the visuals are a reminder all day! Plus I like the look of the type font numerals as black and white design elements.


The calendar cubes are available as free printables at the end of this post.  You’ll need to print both cubes for the correct balance of numbers.  The 6 also functions as the 9 in this font.  The cubes are simple to make-just save, print, cut and fold.  An index or card stock works best.

Another option is to cut out each numeral square and glue and seal them on wood blocks.  To see the wood version of the calendar cubes check out the photo in the Vintage Halloween Witch DIY project post.


I’ve also included the printable paper wrap as shown on the paint brush holder.  The print can be wrapped around an empty can from your pantry and it’s great for paintbrushes or pencils!

Check out the Black & White freebies for the images shown in the picture frames-they’re available as free 8×10 printables for framing or DIY projects!


The finished calendar cubes and paintbrush holder are fun as well as functional.  And they work year after year!

I’m still numerically challenged-but at least I (usually) know what the date is now!


The printables are for personal use only.  Print quality will depend on your printer and laser printers will produce the best results incolor and detail.  Laser printers are available at FedEx Office centers, and your local copy centers and office supply stores.

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