Creative garden inspiration and ideas from Red Cedar Gardens!

Mother Nature has certainly given us a gardening challenge this spring!  Recent temperatures have bounced between unseasonably warm and dry to cold and rainy. And this past weekend midwesterners were surprised with white out conditions and snow covered gardens! I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a normal gardening season any more.  Hopefully gardeners, plants and pollinators can adapt!

As a result of a rainy forecast, any hopes I had of planting flowers in my butterfly garden were put on hold.  Again.  So before the storms arrived, we headed out to Red Cedar Gardens for a much needed dose of nature and creative garden inspiration!

Red Cedar creative garden inspiration

Located just south of Kansas City, Red Cedar Gardens and Nursery is set within 8 acres of native trees and a forest of beautiful red cedars.

Driving into the nursery, I am always struck by the beauty of the natural setting.  How many garden centers have a roof provided by a canopy of trees?

Creative garden inspiration

The picturesque background of natural woods and wildflowers gives Red Cedar a serene and peaceful setting that is good for the soul.  Quite different when compared to a garden center situated on a concrete lot outside a super store!

The saying “One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth” could have been written about Red Cedar Gardens.  It really is heaven on earth for gardeners, as well as for birds, butterflies and bees!

The grounds and trees are home to a collection of charming, hand-made birdhouses.  And there are bird feeders and hummingbird feeders scattered throughout the gardens.

Creative garden inspiration

I love this artful display of herbs!  I plant herbs outside my kitchen door and this year I’m adding extra basil for pesto.  I also purchased lemon thyme, oregano, Italian parsley and rosemary.  Plus I’m including dill, fennel, garlic chives and lavender for the pollinators!

Even though it was a cloudy and dreary day, the vibrant flowers contrasted beautifully against the deep green of the woods.  And my dreary mood started to brighten too!

I decided to purchase flowers I hope to plant soon and found beautiful dahlias and daisies for my garden!

Containers and urns filled with ornamental grasses and flowers sit outside the greenhouse and display creative ways to combine plants, colors, and textures.

The greenhouse is filled with a wide variety of tropical ferns and ivies and there are always lots of creative ideas for planting and displaying them in your home.  I purchased a beautiful maidenhair fern and it’s perfect with my antique English pottery!

I love the antique terra cotta pots I purchased at Red Cedar last year.  I display them with herbs and flowers on a flower cart in my courtyard and it’s one of my favorite things!

A visit to Red Cedar visit isn’t complete without a walk through their wonderful English country garden.

Red Cedar creative garden inspiration

A staircase near the greenhouse leads you to brick paths winding through a beautiful and seasonally evolving variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

The gardens serve as Red Cedar’s trial garden and they are a perfect backdrop for their gardening classes!

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, and they were beginning to bloom when we visited.

There are four arches covered in clematis and roses, and I’ll be returning later in the season to see the roses in full bloom!

Creative garden inspiration

I found creative inspiration for lovely ways to use clematis and vines to give a naturalized look to statuary.

And I love the way this aged stone rabbit is at home nestled into the ivy!

Red Cedar Garden is also filled with creative inspiration for container gardening.

There are different combinations of plants and flowers on display every season.  The contrasting accent colors of the Golden Heuchera planted at the base of the lovebirds planter will look great into the fall!

Creative garden inspiration

Another of my favorite container garden combinations is this aged urn and structural orb combined with the stone rabbit and spring flowers.

Located near the open air garden room, it’s the perfect spot to sit for a moment and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

Also located near the garden room is this creative outdoor fireplace.

The plantings and outdoor accents change yearly, but the rock sign hanging on the chimney is one of my favorite additions!

There is no doubt that the owners of Red Cedar are devoted to their gardens!  And if you get a chance to visit them, I think you will agree.

For more information about Red Cedar Gardens and the classes they offer, check out their website at

The sun is shining today-happy gardening!

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