Spring is finally here!  After the holidays, my creativity goes into winter hibernation until I can open the windows, enjoy fresh air and sunshine and start planting flowers in my garden!  And spring gardening was my inspiration for this Butterfly Garden quilt squares design, available at the end of this post.

I started the design process by creating a mood board of favorite images that represent a blend of vintage and new.

Butterfly Garden quilt mood board

My initial idea was to create a design anticipating the return of butterflies and the beautiful Fairy rosebush popping up in my garden.  Unfortunately a hungry rabbit decided to eat it for dinner!  So I selected butterfly and rose images for the design-no bunnies.  And of course birds had to be included too!  I love the vintage Cockatoo art and decided to include it, although Cockatoos are nowhere to be found in my neck of the woods!

I chose a color palette of pink, apricot, yellow and spring greens.  But the design lacked contrast so I added my favorite black and white stripes to balance the design.  And that led to adding more black and white elements and an overall rose pattern I created in Photoshop.  After trying different colorations on the butterflies and bird line art, I decided I liked the look of the rose pattern as a layer to fill them.

I scanned vintage floral line art to create toile look patterns to balance the graphic stripes and dots.  And finally, the fun part was balancing the colors, prints and patterns into a Butterfly Garden quilt design!

Rose Garden quilt

When the pattern was finished I decided to apply it to a canvas to display on an easel, using Mod Podge matte glue/sealer and an 8×8 gallery wrap canvas.

It’s a simple DIY project using the printable at the end of the post.  I used a laser print as it provides the best detail and color and it won’t smear like an inkjet print will.  Laser prints are inexpensive and can be made at most shipping centers and office supply stores that offer printing services.

If using an inkjet print, make sure it’s had plenty of time to dry and try spraying it lightly with matte acrylic spray before applying a sealer coat of Mod Podge.  I’ve found that can help prevent any smearing, but it’s always a good idea to do a small test sample first!

Cut out the print and glue it to the unpainted canvas with the Mod Podge.  Make sure and smooth out any air bubbles that might form under the print as it dries.  When it’s completely dry apply a sealer coat of the Mod Podge to the top and sides of the canvas.

When the sealer coat is dry it’s ready to hang or display on an easel!  You could also cut the quilt print into individual squares and use the patterns in DIY projects.

Rose Garden Cockatoo print

And if you like the colorful Cockatoo-I formatted the design to fit an 8×10 frame and included it as a free printable.

Now it’s time to start planning which flowers to add to my garden this spring to welcome back the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds!

Celebrate Spring!



4 responses to “Butterfly Garden quilt squares

  1. I adore the graphics you designed for your Butterfly Garden Quilt printables Vicky.
    Thank you for linking up at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring this project at this week’s party.
    Hugs – Kerryanne

    1. Thanks so much Kerryanne! It’s such an honor to be featured. I’m really enjoying all the homemade creativity on your Create, Bake, Grow and Gather posts! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  2. Printing out the quilt blocks would make pretty art, great idea. Love Cockatoo also. Already have idea how to hang both of them, need something new in our room.
    Hubs made a rustic gate for over our bed, like to change out art for gate seasonally so both would be pretty. Thanks for sharing images, really appreciate that.
    Hope you have wonderful weekend

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