Frame prints or make a Scary Library book box for treats!

Bewitching Halloween prints for decor

Add a vintage touch to your home this Halloween with this charming over the moon witch!  My favorite antique postcard by artist Frances Brundage (postmarked 1915) provided the inspiration for these simple and bewitching Halloween decorations.   I scanned the postcard and combined it with vintage borders and type to make a 4×6 design for framing.  I also used daguerreotype effects found in PicMonkey photo editor to add a layer of age.

I painted an old 4×6 wood frame with black acrylic paint and hit the edges with sandpaper for an antiqued look for my framed print.

The free printable is at the end of this post for making your own bewitching Halloween decorations!


Another way to use the print is to make this Scary Library book box!    It’s perfect for holding Halloween candy and a great gift to share-especially when filled with treats!

Bewitching project supplies

The book project starts with an inexpensive 5×7.5 kraft natural box purchased at a craft supply store.  Paint the box with matte black acrylic paint and wipe the paint away on the edges for an aged look, or sand the edges a little when the paint is dry.  I also painted a few tan stripes on the backbone of the book.  Download and print the image at the end of the post and cut out the 3 pieces.

Apply the prints to the box with Mod Podge (I prefer matte) and let them dry.  The Happy Halloween print is for the inside cover and Volume 1 from the Scary Library is for the backbone of the book.  Smooth out any bubbles and let the prints dry. Then apply another coat of Mod Podge overall to seal the prints and protect the painted surfaces.  I left the inside of the box and edges natural.

Bewitching candy box

A laser printer will give you the best quality print.  If you don’t have one at home the prints are inexpensive and available at copy centers, office supply stores and shipping locations.  If you use an inkjet print, make sure it has had time to dry well or the inks may bleed a little when Mod Podge is applied as a sealer over the print.  I’ve found it works pretty well to first lightly spray the print with a matte clear acrylic spray to keep the inks from bleeding.  When it’s dry-the Mod Podge can be applied over it with no problem!  The Mod Podge will dry clear and protect your project.  The step isn’t necessary for an inkjet print as it will not smear.

Your bewitching Halloween Scary Library book box is ready to fill with treats…and if they’re too tempting you can always close the cover!

Bewitching Halloween print 4x6

Another option for the Happy Halloween print is to frame it as shown in a 4×6 frame.  And if you like the magic spell cast by the charming witch as I do-check out the alternative version in the Vintage Halloween Witch DIY Project post!

Click, save & print to make your bewitching Halloween decorations!  Happy Halloween!





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